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New in December 2023: RMD report, business account types, ACA integration

New in December 2023: RMD report, business account types, ACA integration


RMD reports are here 2RMD reports are here

We’re rolling out a new tool to make it easier to track RMD withdrawals on Altruist. With the latest report, you can download a convenient CSV file containing a comprehensive list of your client accounts eligible for RMDs in the current calendar year. The report includes critical data such as total RMD amount, amount taken YTD, and remaining balance. 

We know how important it is to ensure your clients take distributions on time and avoid additional federal taxes for not taking the minimum necessary. We are committed to bringing even more features to help you manage and plan for RMDs more efficiently on Altruist in the future. 


New account types_ Sole Proprietorship, Single-Member, Partnerships-2Broadening our account spectrum with sole proprietorship, single-member LLC, and partnerships  

Advisors on Altruist can now open client business accounts for sole proprietorship, single-member LLCs, and partnerships. This expansion allows you to serve a wider array of clients, providing customized solutions for various business structures. With over 25 account types already available and more additions slated for 2024, Altruist is committed to being a comprehensive custodian for both individual and business financial needs.

ACA rounded cornersIntroducing the Altruist + ACA integration for ESG analysis

We’re excited to share that our integration with ACA's Ethos Data and Analytics Solution is now live. Ethos, a product of ACA Group’s ESG practice, offers financial advisors over 800,000 impact and ESG risk ratings on 80 ESG topics, enhancing transparency and aiding in aligning investments with ESG values and goals. 

This integration allows for improved alignment of investment strategies with ESG commitments, providing tools for informed decision-making, progress tracking, and compliance with ESG regulations. Altruist advisors can seamlessly import their households, accounts, and positions into Ethos–enabling you to show impact on the causes your clients are passionate about with personalized impact reporting. 

For more details and setup instructions, visit our blog post

Asset Transfer Form refresh

We've refreshed our Asset Transfer form, incorporating valuable feedback from advisors and counterparties to streamline the transfer process. Enhancements include:

  • Expanded FAQs, now covering a wider range of frequently asked questions.
  • Additional account types to reduce rejections due to incorrect account type selection.
  • More detailed instructions for each section, ensure clarity and ease of use.

These updates are designed to simplify and improve the asset transfer experience.

Other UX improvements you might have missed this month:

Clarifying fund transfers: We've renamed the "Add Funds" button to "Transfer Funds" in the client portal to enhance clarity and usability. This change makes it more intuitive for clients to understand that this function is for both depositing into and withdrawing funds from Altruist accounts.

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