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New in March 2023: Portfolio reporting upgrades, SSG Acquisition, and more

Portfolio reporting gets an upgrade

In today's competitive market, clear and comprehensive portfolio reporting is more important than ever. It enables you to demonstrate the value of your investment management services and justify the fees you charge. That's why we're adding new breakdowns by asset class, sector exposure, and key metrics related to yield and expenses under a renamed Advanced Analytics modal on the holdings tab for each household and account. 

With the upgraded portfolio reporting, you'll better convey your investment strategy to clients with easy-to-understand visuals, solidifying their confidence in your expertise.

As an independent advisor, you know that an ideal investment strategy focuses on diversification, risk management, and balancing yield and expenses. These improvements will also help you evaluate portfolio performance with several breakdowns and measures that will allow you to make well-informed decisions.

This spring, we’ll be adding more characteristics to Advanced Analytics–we’ll keep you posted!

Goldman Sachs now available in our Model Marketplace

Two new series by Goldman Sachs are now on Altruist Model Marketplace. Access the Goldman Sachs ETF Series, implemented primarily through GSAM ETFs and the open-architectured Goldman Sachs Multi-Manager ETF Series. The models range in price between 12 - 27 bps. See the Model Marketplace Fee Schedule on for more info.

Goldman model portfolios are designed to maximize returns for every level of risk using a dynamic asset allocation approach that combines strategic, long-term views with tactical views. 

Goldman is the 15th industry-leading asset manager to be added to our Model Marketplace, which now comprises over 320 total portfolios for advisors to select from–all at an industry-low price.

Altruist welcomes SSG to the team

Altruist has acquired Shareholders Service Group (SSG), an award-winning custodial platform, as part of our ongoing commitment to make human financial advice better, more affordable, and accessible to everyone.

SSG has an impressive track record of innovation and a strong reputation for providing outstanding service to over 1,600 independent advisors. We believe that by combining SSG’s over 21 years of experience with our innovative technology, we can create a unique offering to help us accelerate our shared mission of democratizing great independent financial advice.

In this blog post, Altruist Founder and CEO, Jason Wenk, writes about our shared values with SSG and how bringing our two teams together will continue driving the industry forward.

Exclude accounts from Billing

We just added a new account exclusion feature so you can effortlessly select which accounts are billable in AUM fee billing calculations when assigned at the household level.

This feature simplifies account management and optimizes your revenue stream by ensuring accurate billing across all client accounts. By automating this process, you'll save valuable time previously spent on manual adjustments, allowing you to focus on what truly matters–providing exceptional service to your clients.

And by providing clear and accurate billing with excluded accounts marked on invoices, your clients will appreciate the transparency and professionalism you bring to the relationship.

To start marking accounts as excluded, head to the household billing page and select the account settings tab. Exclude any account from billing by selecting Edit, checking the Exclude AUM box, and hitting save.

Greater flexibility for money management

We’re announcing new updates to simplify money management for advisors and their end-clients. 

In response to the needs of our users, we've made it possible for both advisors and their end-clients to cancel pending and scheduled transfers on brokerage accounts, regardless of who originally initiated the transfer. Advisors can also update, cancel, and revoke Move Money Authorizations created by other team members. This added functionality empowers all parties to have better control over their financial transactions and promotes a smoother user experience.

Our latest update also enables both “Owner” and “Admin” permissions at your firm to manage bank accounts on a household account, irrespective of who initially linked the bank account. This increased flexibility ensures that all authorized users can access and manage crucial financial information, resulting in improved efficiency and a more seamless banking experience for your practice.

Finally, we added email alerts for end-clients when a new bank account is added and notifications for advisors when a bank account is added to their house account to keep everyone in the loop.

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