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Introducing the Altruist + Smartria Integration for trade monitoring

Altruist and Smartria are now integration partners

We're excited to announce that our latest integration with Smartria’s award-winning compliance software is now live. Smartria streamlines your compliance operations with flexible, automated workflows, risk alerts and transparent reporting. 

For Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and advisor-owners, time is invaluable. Adopting a robust compliance technology like Smartria not only conserves time but also fosters a compliance-centric culture within firms. It streamlines regulatory tasks, making the management of compliance activities more efficient. This partnership further supports CCOs by providing a comprehensive digital compliance solution, tailored to navigate the complexities of employee trade monitoring more effectively.
Compliance technology is essential for RIAs to devise and implement detailed policies and procedures, supervisory systems, and codes of ethics aimed at preventing violations of securities laws.

Patrick Hunt, CEO of Smartria, emphasizes, “Compliance should be straightforward, not daunting. Our mission is to offer the simplest, most user-friendly platform available. We're eager to assist Altruist advisors in meeting compliance demands proactively, thereby preserving client trust and avoiding potential legal pitfalls.”

Integration highlights:

This collaboration marks Altruist's initial venture into integrating with a specialized compliance management software. It enables seamless data transfer to Smartria, facilitating the monitoring of trade activities. Smartria also aids advisors in protecting client assets and information, maintaining transparency in fiduciary duties, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, it offers secure, permission-based storage solutions and automates the onboarding process to nurture a culture of compliance.

Integration benefits:

  • Enhanced Compliance Operations: Smartria revolutionizes compliance management with adaptable, automated systems, instant risk detection, and clear reporting.
  • Automated Employee Trade Monitoring: Direct Altruist data (accounts, households, positions, and transactions) feeds into Smartria for streamlined trade confirmation collection and early detection of any ethical or front-running concerns.

Setting up the Altruist and Smartria integration: 

To initiate this integration, contact Smartria's customer service by emailing or calling 833-497-6278. After activation, log into Smartria, navigate to Settings > Integrations, and connect to Altruist (you can find us under Custodian Data). Smartria will then regularly update data from Altruist to ensure continuous monitoring.

Support and feedback: 

For inquiries or suggestions about this integration, reach out to the Altruist or Smartria support teams via or

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