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Becoming a multi-million-dollar RIA

How Eighth Wonder Investments is using Altruist to scale and make quality financial advice accessible.

After Eighth Wonder Investments’ wealth management platform provider shuttered, owners Nathan Bremer and Joe Keimig turned to Altruist for help. 

Altruist offered a fast, fully digital onboarding process that both advisors and clients value. 

With its ease of use, incredible customer service, a client mobile app, and more, Altruist supports the firm’s ambitious growth plans and vision to bring high-quality financial advice to more people.

Almost two years ago, Nathan Bremer and Joe Keimig left their corporate roles and started Eighth Wonder Investments to help more people access quality financial advice using investment advisor software.

“The institution I was at, you’d need a half-million in investable assets to meet with a financial advisor,” says Nathan. “That bar is very high for the average person. I think that's why we're seeing so many people failing financially in America.”

While Nathan and Joe found their niche and steadily grew to serve people in their home state of North Dakota and beyond, the wealth management platform they were using unexpectedly shut down in 2021. They quickly needed to find an alternative solution that wouldn’t disrupt their clients’ experiences like CRM for investment advisors. Nathan and Joe turned to Altruist.

“We [found out] we'd be able to get on within five business days,” Nathan says. “That was a huge driver, and immediately we decided we wanted to go with Altruist.”

Nathan notes, “If you're somebody who’s just getting started or you’re still a new RIA looking to switch platforms maybe, Altruist is the best offering out there…[it has] all the features you need to get up and running.”

A new catalyst for growth

Already a multi-million dollar firm, Eighth Wonder Investments has thoughtful, ambitious plans to hit triple-digit millions in growth over the next five years.Nathan says that he and Joe want to expand their firm while continuing to “deliver the highest level of customer service” and help more families reach their financial goals through comprehensive financial planning and investment advisor software.

After experiencing a smooth transition to Altriust’s all-in-one custodial solution, Nathan found features that support Eighth Wonder Investments’ vision for growth in using CRM for investment advisors.

“[Altruist] makes things seamless…and eliminates friction,” Nathan reports. “A huge part is the lack of paperwork needed to get things done… onboarding, opening accounts, being able to do digital ACATS.”

He adds, “I absolutely love the ease of use, the fact that it’s completely digital, [and] has a mobile app.”

Nathan says Altruist has “made things easier, simpler, and cleaner” for him and Joe as advisors and for their clients. Aside from the platform being “extremely impressive,” Nathan has also found the investment advisor software and the level of customer service to be “absolutely incredible.”

Making financial advice accessible 

Nathan and Joe believe that everyone deserves quality personalized financial advice, aligning with a central part of Altruist’s mission to make financial advice more accessible. 

Eighth Wonder Investments serves clients with as little as “$50 to those over $1 million in investable assets” and is “proud to have no account minimums,” shares Nathan. 

He enjoys “being able to work with a diverse mix of individuals and families” and sees Altruist’s opportunity to help expand access to financial advice as a “big thing” for the industry.

Altruist and our affiliates did not pay for this case study, but we do earn revenue from financial advisors who use our platform. This customer review may not represent the experience of others and it isn’t a guarantee of results, but we’d love the opportunity to show you firsthand. Some account types may not yet be available, processing times may vary. Some account functions may require signed forms.

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