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Thinking longterm about your growth: content is king

When Luis Rosa, Founder of Build a Better Financial Future, started his podcast, “On my way to wealth,” he didn’t intend for it to be a marketing strategy.

He began sharing advice in hopes of impacting his community. What began as a way to help those with lack of access or resources to a financial advisor has now become a successful channel that allows him to share his expertise.

On this episode of Grow, he shares how content marketing continues to be his biggest growth hack that helps his firm (and reputation) grow. He’s able to expand his reach and engage with many people through one channel.

One of the biggest lessons Luis learned in getting a podcast off the ground was the importance of creating content and the benefits it has beyond sharing stories. Content marketing allows financial planners to drive higher conversion rates and increased brand awareness, and helps your firm stand out. 

People go with what they trust. If your firm has made a trustworthy impression through service, quality, or experience, you’ve already got a leg up on the competition. Content marketing builds trust in an organic way.

How does content marketing help financial planners scale their business?

In order to become recognized, advisors must build awareness of what your firm represents, what your values are, and how you serve customers. This is how content marketing and brand awareness go hand in hand. Using content marketing as a vehicle to connect and engage with your audience, you’ll be able to stay top of mind—even if your audience isn’t looking for, ready for, or can’t afford your services. By staying top of mind, if their situation changes and they are in need of financial planning, you’ll be the first call they make.

Content is a marathon, not a sprint. In fact, you most likely wont see results right away. For example, Luis has been podcasting for a year and has 12,000 downloads, but he’s still not seeing an immediate impact. It’s a slow trickle, but when you keep investing in yourself and your voice, engagement will come.

Content marketing is hands down the best way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. What exactly does this mean? SEO allows you to understand how people are searching for and finding information about your financial firm online. 

The Road to One Hundred Million

The more you post, the more authority your website builds. When search engines return results for users, algorithms are searching for the most credible and valuable answers. If your website hosts a plethora of content that matches the criteria of the search, you’re more likely to come up higher in the results. In fact, according to HubSpot, web traffic is among the top two most-common measurements of success for content marketing strategies. This is why quality and quantity are both equally important. 

When you decide to start content marketing, it’s a good idea to level-set your expectations. Understanding that it is a long-term investment and being comfortable with the time it will take to see results is huge. By doing this, the pressure to achieve immediate success is off, and you can focus on creating good content for your audience.

To learn more about Luis Rosa, visit Build a Better Financial Future.



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