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The RIA growth long game: Be authentic

Every financial planner knows that client trust and loyalty can’t be bought with flashy marketing campaigns — it’s something that can only be earned.

While you can apply a formulaic approach to attracting potential clients, it takes more to create genuine relationships.

Just think about how many marketing messages you are bombarded with on a typical day. From small screens to large ones, we’re inundated with ads, sponsored posts, and emails — but how many messages truly stand out? 

When you’re speaking directly to your niche audience, it’s important to remember that people typically align themselves with brands that share their values. Are you open and honest with your prospects — or are you simply trying to close the deal? And which option will serve you best in the long run?

This is why authenticity is so important to Anna N'Jie-Konte, Founder of Dare to Dream Financial Planning. She is a passionate believer in the empowerment of women and minorities in America, and has found a niche that aligns with her purpose of helping this segment become more financially secure.

How does authenticity play a role in Anna’s business strategy? It’s the driving force behind her marketing, sales, and retention efforts. By implementing her own voice into her content, she’s able to connect with her niche audience in a genuine way.

How can you take a page from Anna's book and get comfortable with standing in your own identity? 

First, loosen up! We’re in a period of time where “realness” is valued more than perfection. Being honest and vulnerable is what resonates with the majority of people looking for a specific type of financial planner. Especially if you are a financial advisor that serves a niche market. Use your own experiences and shortcomings to allow your personality to shine through and attract the type of clientele that embraces your honesty.

For example, Anna leans on her personal story of being surrounded by many strong women throughout her lifetime to connect with other women who come from or have a similar background. 

According to Anna (and her proven track record), here’s how to use your personal experience and niche expertise to attract your ideal client and keep your current relationships flourishing.

If you identify with your niche, spend time with yourself and understand how you think about your financial situation and goals. What’s your inner monologue when it comes to saving, spending, and investing? What’s your relationship with money? How do finances play a role in your overall life? 

If you don’t align with your ideal client type, interview a few people who do. If they’re current clients, even better! Learn what financial challenges and motivations they have as well as what matters most to them. What pushed them to work with you over a competing advisor?

Now combine these insights with your own personal story to create an authentic experience that allows you to connect with your audience. By bringing your unique perspective to the table, you can start a conversation that resonates with your niche community. 

For Anna, that meant asking herself questions like, “what would my mother have liked to read, see, or watch 30 years ago?” 

The Road to One Hundred Million

If you’re part of your own niche, what content do you wish you had access to before you became a financial planner?

By creating content that speaks directly to your audience, you can better position yourself as a trusted partner. This also allows you to be intentional about what you produce and how you share it. 

For example, if your target audience prefers scrolling through TikTok instead of Facebook, it’s probably not a great use of your time to try and engage with groups and community pages. Instead, you may find better success sharing your values and purpose with users on TikTok. If you see a need or a gap to serve your audience, blaze the trail and find a way to meet them where they are.

The most important element to authenticity is the ability to craft your unique narrative in a genuine way — and then share it with others who care about your transparent and honest values. It takes time and vulnerability, but the lasting relationships will be well worth the investment.



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