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4 ways to target your messaging to speak to your niche client

When you try to cater to everyone, you typically end up reaching no one. This is why, as a financial planner, it is far better to be a specialist than a generalist. 

Financial advisors who develop a deep expertise in one specific area understand prospecting and attracting new clients isn’t a numbers game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

Just ask Anjali Jariwala, CPA and CFP®. She is the founder of FIT Advisors, a financial planning firm serving physicians and business owners virtually across the US. She is a master of her niche and in this episode of Grow, she shares how to serve your particular market with your unique skill set.

4 ways to target your messaging to your niche

When you approach marketing with laser focus and know your ideal client type inside and out—from understanding their specific challenges to offering the right solution for their lifestyle—you don’t need to cast a wide net. You simply have to sharpen your marketing strategy and target your efforts to those who are a perfect fit.

Here’s how to become the master of your niche with messaging that converts.

1. Invest in well-written copy

In order to attract the right audience, you need the right message. That means investing the time, resources, and potentially the marketing expertise of someone who can help convey the right actions you want your audience to take. From headlines helping  qualify your visitors to powerful call-to-actions converting them to leads, with the right messaging, your website can act as a magnet and pull in potential clients.

2. Keep your website visitors engaged

Just having good copy on your website isn’t enough to keep your visitors engaged. A good way to show your expertise and pull your visitors further into your site is to provide additional value in the form of content. This could look like podcast episodes, blog posts, or industry reports. For example, Anjali hosts Money Checkup podcast, a semi-monthly checkup that discusses the many facets of financial well-being. She adds recent podcast episodes to the home page on her website as additional touch points for her website visitors.

The Road to One Hundred Million

3. Communicate effectively

Clear and concise copy communicating your value in an interesting and engaging way entices visitors to convert. This also means heavily editing your content to streamline your offerings. If the action you want your visitors to take is buried in long blocks of text, it’s likely to get lost.

4. Have a clear call-to-action

What is the purpose of your website? What do you want your visitors to do? Clear messaging will make your website visitors take the action you want them to take. Do you want your visitors to call you, request a consultation, download a resource, or sign up for something else? Good copy will guide your visitors to take action.

When you’re able to clearly define your niche, target your audience, and pair your knowledge with their unique situation, you’ll start to see the benefits of focusing your expertise in the form of engagement, conversion, and ultimately, new clients.

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