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Top 15 financial advisor podcasts to listen to

Even great advisors need advising. Listening to podcasts is a low-lift strategy for staying in the loop on financial news, industry trends, and new perspectives. Got a weak spot? Podcasts can even help you with the non-finance parts of your business, like management and marketing.

Finance is one of the most popular categories of podcasts, with a 13% share of weekly listeners. That’s a lot to sift through. Whether you’re interested in bite-sized recaps, long-form deep dives, or fascinating interviews, we’ve hand-picked some of the best podcasts for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs). 

Here are the best podcasts for financial advisors.

Learn a growth mindset from a pro

We might be biased here at Altruist, but The Advisor Journey from founder Jason Wenk and co-host Dasarte Yarnway is our go-to podcast for everything finance, inspiration, and growth. The Advisor Journey will give you a window into how many independent advisors have found success. We’ve integrated some favorite episodes into the categories below, but The Advisor Journey is especially useful for RIAs looking to build, grow, and scale their practice. 

This early episode, a conversation between Wenk and Head of Community Dasarte Yarnway is all about the questions and anxieties that RIAs face when breaking away, and the strategies they have to soldier through and start strong.

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For market trends, news, and up-to date info

If you’re hoping to stay on top of industry trends and get updates on the day’s news, these podcasts are must-listens.

The Meb Faber Show

Meb Faber is the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. His weekly podcast covers macroeconomic trends to hyper-specific investment strategies. This is a great listen if you want to hear from a peer at the top of his game, who understands the particular concerns investors have when hearing market updates.

Planet Money

NPR’s long-running show is a hit with finance and non-finance folks alike. Planet Money is an essential listen if you want well-researched journalism, and its popularity means it could help you better align with and understand topics that might be on your client’s mind. 

Tortoise Quick Take

In a hurry? Tortoise Quick Take offers bite-sized (ten minutes or less!) insights into financial news. Tune in over your lunch break or during a walk around the block for a simple way to catch up on the day’s happenings.

[Still processing your learnings from last year? The Advisor Journey Year-End recap from Jason Wenk is a great listen for checking in about your goals and reflecting on the state of your firm.]

For inspiration

Between Now and Success

Host Steve Sanduski interviews thought leaders, industry legends, and successful financial advisors. If you’re seeking guidance on goal-setting and adopting a growth mindset, this podcast is a great place to start.

Barron’s Advisor: The Way Forward

This podcast, which features a diverse range of guests, is especially useful for advisors with high net-worth clients. 

Allies of the Industry

Tune in to Allies of the Industry to hear underrepresented voices and gain insight on incorporating DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) practices into your business.

For more insight on the importance of growing wealth in underrepresented communities, listen to Changing the Complexion of Wealth, an episode of The Advisor Journey featuring Emlen Miles-Mattingly, co-founder of The Onyx Advisor Network.

To become the best leader you can be

The Look and Sound of Leadership

This podcast is not always targeted financial advisor-specific, but you can count on hearing nuanced, thoughtful, and motivating advice on how to lead, manage, and succeed.

Financial Advisor Success (Michael Kitces)

This podcast features advice on everything from the king of content himself, Michael Kitces. If you can’t get enough, check out his other podcast, Kitces & Carl for nerdy, joyful conversation.

Business Accelerator

Tune in to Business Accelerator for everything you need to know on how to scale, grow, and succeed. Hosts Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller combine up-to-date market insights with timeless, tried-and-true wisdom to offer advice for the long-run.

On this mic-drop episode of The Advisor Journey, Jason Wenk breaks down how he moved from learnings and inspiration to real life growth and success. How Wenk quadrupled AUM by hiring the right people for the right jobs.

For new perspective

Standard Deviations

If you’re always wondering “why,” this podcast is a must-listen. Learn about behavioral psychology and how it relates to investing in this podcast from psychologist and behavioral finance expert Dr. Daniel Crosby.

Invest Like The Best

In conversations with some of the most successful investors and business builders in the world, host Patrick O’Shaughnessey focuses on learning all about the ideas, values, and choices that made their companies soar.

The Advisor Lab

Feeling confident in your abilities but uneasy about your marketing? This podcast focuses on marketing strategy and actionable advice.

For more nitty-gritty about how to create and execute a marketing plan, this conversation with Melissa Joy from the Advisor Journey is a must-listen.


Podcasts are not just fun and accessible for financial advisors, they’re also essential tools for staying up to date on trends, gaining insight on strategies, feeling inspired, and growing your skills and knowledge base.

Being a financial advisor is not a job you learn once. Continued learning and development is key to growing your business. These podcasts, which cover everything from marketing and growth to psychology and inclusion, are a quick but meaningful way to stay engaged in the world of advising and grow your abilities as an advisor. 

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